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Erla-Maria Skovlund is an exciting and innovative Faroese jewellery designer.
Since 2010 she has been running her own company EMJ Jewellery which in 2014 was re-named Silvursnið.
Erla-Maria has many years’ experience in design and jewellery-making. In 2003 she started jewellery-making at an evening course. In 2006 she took the basic goldsmith exam at Copenhagen Technical College. Since then she has worked within this trade in the Faroe Islands and Denmark and has been teaching jewellery design in Denmark. She has attended several courses in jewellery-design and techniques.

The Silvursnið design is plain and raw and characteristic by the hammered surface. All pieces are unique and hand made. The design is rooted in Faroese traditions but with a modern twist.


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Telefon nr.: 28 88 94