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Exceptionally pure Nordic water from Faroe Islands.

For decades the people of Faroe Islands have travelled to the village of Lopra and the volcanic Kirvi mountain range in the southern island of Suðuroy to sample the heavenly water that flows there.

At Kirvi Ltd we have bottled this refreshing water and made it available in shops, supermarkets and ferries all over the country where it has quickly become the market leader.

This natural cleansing and mineralisation gives Kirvi its exceptionally pure taste and a pH value of 8.3.

The natural alkaline water is filtered through multiple layers of red turf in the 55 million year old basalt rocks of the volcanic Kirvi mountain range in Suðuroy.

The water is naturally sourced and is channelled to the factory by gravity. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly waters available.



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