Míni ráð til at halda eina fíggjarætlan til stóra dagin

Alicia Daw er ein prísvinnandi internationalur fotografur. Hon býr í USA, men ferðast regluliga til Evropa og ELSKAR at vitja í Føroyum. Um tit eru áhugaði í at bíleggja hana sum brúðarfotograf til tykkara brúdleyp og til ein rímiligan kostna, kunnu tit seta tykkum í samband við hana – sí nærri her.

You’ve decided to marry the love of your life and are probably head over heels excited about your wedding! Maybe he got down on one knee, in true romantic fashion, and proposed with the most beautiful ring you’ve ever seen. Or maybe you were both out for a walk amongst nature and decided, together, that this as it and you found your soul mate. However you decided that it was time to marry, each story is unique as the couple it represents. Planning a wedding is such an exciting time! For many women, it’s a day they’ve dreamed about their entire life.

We’ve all seen the movies of fairytale princesses and brides who beamed with happiness. Truly, there are few things in life as beautiful as a bride on her wedding day and the smile on her grooms face. It’s easy for the excitement of your wedding day to wear off when you begin to plan and realize how expensive things can cost.

One thing is for sure – WEDDINGS ARE EXPENSIVE. There’s the venue, the food, the dress, the photographer, musicians, shoes, gifts, transportation, flowers, makeup, invitations….so many things to think about and spend money on! And it all can add up REALLY quick. Most of us don’t have the luxury of having an unlimited budget like we see in the movies. In fact, many of us have to figure out how to have the wedding of our dreams on a very limited budget. Want to know my advice for staying in your budget? It’s really simple.

One thing is for sure – WEDDINGS ARE EXPENSIVE

Yes, you read that right. Choose just three things. Of alllll the elements of planning a wedding day, what are the three areas that are absolutely most important to you? They are ALL important, but which three things will make or break your wedding day if they don’t come out as you always hoped and dreamed? My advice to all of my clients is to sink the biggest portion of their budget into those three areas and to not compromise, at all, when it comes to those three things. Below I am going to highlight the most popular things that people spend money on for their wedding day, and why hiring the best is important. As you read through them, try to narrow down the three that speak most to you and where you feel you should spend the better portion of your budget.


The place you choose to get married is more than just a building. It’s the backdrop that will be at the forefront of the start of your life together as husband and wife. Do you dream of getting married with gorgeous and sweeping landscapes in view? What about at a swanky hotel that makes you feel like you are living like royalty? Or maybe somewhere quaint like a farm or orchard?  Choosing your venue is such an important part of planning your wedding day because it will set the tone for how your guests feel throughout your wedding day, and the experience that they remember.


Are you and your fiancé foodies? Do you love fine dining, exquisite meals, and carefully curated plates? Or maybe you LOVE food but want to keep it simple and share a meal with your guests that feels like home, so you choose comfort dishes that are sure to please everyone. OR. Maybe you are totally unconventional and want to do something crazy like skip dinner altogether and just do a whole evening of dessert + champagne! Bring on the cake and pies! One way to really wow your guests and delight them is to carefully consider how you want to feed them!


It should go without saying that I am biased when it comes to photography. I personally think it is one of the most important, if not THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to invest in for your wedding. Why? Because long after the flowers have died and the food is all eaten, the only thing you have left are your photographs. Someday if you plan to have children, you may have a daughter, and she will sit on your lap and ask about your wedding day. Rather than just explaining it to her, imagine opening up a beautiful hand crafted photo album and showing her stunning images that documented your entire wedding day. This is one of the reason why I prioritize photographing a bride and groom from the start of getting ready, all the way through their dinner party – because I want to tell the entire story of their wedding day, and not just provide them with a few beautiful portraits. The story that I tell through photographs is one that will be shared with family and friends for generations to come! Photography is, without question, a worthwhile investment for your wedding and one that is worthy of sinking a LOT of money into. My advice? Hire your DREAM PHOTOGRAPHER, regardless of price, and then fit everything else for your wedding around that. You won’t be disappointed in this decision, this I promise you.

I personally think it is one of the most important, if not THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to invest in for your wedding.


Photography is a fantastic medium to remember your wedding day by, as I outlined above. But another easily missed medium? Videography. Video takes the story of your wedding day a step further with the motion and movement. The only thing better than a photo that captures the look in your eyes while your husband recites his vows to you is being able to HEAR those vows over and over again for years to come.


When a little girl dreams of her wedding day, inevitably, one of the first things that she thinks of is her wedding dress. She imagines herself in layers of chiffon, tulle, satin or lace….twirling around and spinning on the dance floor. I, for one, think that the dress you choose for your wedding day is such an important part. It sets the tone for how you feel about yourself. If you feel beautiful, you will radiate. Likewise, for the gentlemen, a perfectly cut suit will empower them to stand taller and truer on their wedding day, head held high with honor, knowing that they look the most dapper they ever have.


One of the best ways to make a statement with décor or transform a space into a magical place is with amazing florals. A statement bouquet, an arch under which you marry one another, and towering centerpieces are all things that can make your wedding look like an absolute dream! The amazing thing about flowers is that they are art in themselves, and a good florist knows exactly how to piece together all the parts to make a stunning arrangement that will take your breath away. I love showing up to weddings and seeing florals that are to die for!


How you FEEL on your wedding day will play such an important role in how you REMEMBER your wedding day. If you hated your hair and makeup, that will affect how you feel, which affects how you look in your photos, which affects how you will always remember the best day of your life. Hiring a fantastic beauty team is something I see as being very important. So much so, that I wrote an article about it here. 


One of the best ways to set the tone for your wedding day and to have some fun with being creative is through your invitations! They don’t have to be plain and boring but can, in fact, be really created and as simple or elaborate as you like! I’m currently loving the trend of watercolor invitations (my favorite watercolor invitations suite artist is Karri Lee Designs), with pretty color envelopes, coordinating vellum paper, and sealed with a classic wax seal. Maybe you want your day to be whimsical, so you keep your invitation simple with a cream cardstock and tiny block letters, but enclose a feather in the envelope. Or maybe you want to be really unique and rather than sending an actual invitation, you send them a gift with a clue or scavenger hunt where they eventually find the details for your wedding!


I LOVE wedding décor! I, for one, loved making all of our wedding décor. We spray painted wine bottles, hand sewed cloth napkins, made table runner out of moss, and did as much crafting as I could for our wedding. My mom and I LOVE making crafts, so we had such a wonderful time doing the décor for my wedding. Maybe you aren’t crafty, but you want statement pieces like some modern furniture to add to your décor. Or maybe you want to make your wedding thematic and do all geometrical shapes in gold and black! Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to décor and, thankfully, there are so many wonderful resources available to brides now…not the least of which is Pinterest!

 At the end of the day, there are so many areas you can spend money on your wedding day, many of which I didn’t even cover here. The elements above are usually some of the biggest budget items, so I recommend choosing your top three and vowing not to compromise when spending on those things.

So, I would love to know! Of the things listed above, what are YOUR top 3?


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